Kindle Touch Vs Nook Simple Touch Reader - Which Touch E Ink Reader Is Best?

Kindle touch
It's raining ebook readers! It sure seems that way with all the new versions available on the market. Two devices that closely compare are the Kindle Touch and Nook Simple Touch Reader. They are both touch activated and similarly priced. What about the other features? Let's compare the Kindle Touch vs Nook Simple Touch Reader and see which comes out on top.

The Nook Simple Touch Reader was released earlier this year and was received well by consumers. Here are some of the basic features it offers...
  • Touch activated 6-inch E Ink screen
  • Programmable page turn buttons on the sides
  • 1,000 books memory storage
  • WiFi compatible
  • Rubberized finish
  • Expandable memory
  • EPUB File compatible (for library books)
  • 2 Month battery life
The Kindle Touch was recently presented to consumers by Amazon, pre-order only at this time. This device has some of the same features of the Nook STR, and some unique ones as well.
  • Touch activated 6-inch E Ink screen
  • No page turn buttons
  • 3,000 books memory storage
  • Free backup storage on the Amazon EC2 Cloud
  • WiFi + 3G model available
  • Silver finish
  • Kindle books now available at participating libraries
  • 2 Month battery life
It's evident looking above there are a few big differences in these new ebook readers. The Nook Simple Touch comes with noticeably less storage space, but allows for expandable storage. Of course this is going to cost the consumer.

The Kindle comes standard with 3,000 books memory, and if you go over the 3,000 books, Amazon says it will store the overflow on their Cloud drive for no extra charge.

A big factor in the Kindle vs Nook battle is the pricing of the two touch readers. The Nook Touch is "WiFi only", and priced $40 more than the Kindle Touch WiFi only version. The Kindle Touch WiFi + 3G version is priced $10 higher than the Nook Simple Touch Wifi version. Will this make a difference in popularity of the devices?

A big difference in the past between Nook and Kindle devices were the use of EPUB files. This was important because public libraries lend out books with the EPUB extension, and the Kindle doesn't allow the use of this. However, Amazon has been apparently working behind the scenes with libraries and publishers, because Kindle books can now be checked out at many local public libraries.

One can see these two ereaders are very similar, but have some very big differences. It still comes down to personal preference when picking a winner comparing the Kindle Touch vs Nook Simple Touch Reader.
And The Winner Is?