New Kindle Lineup

Kindle Touch 3G
The new Kindle family shows why Amazon is the leader when it comes to ebooks. Just as it looked like there were other ereaders that were catching up as viable alternatives to the Kindle, Amazon took just enough of a step forward to keep it ahead of the pack. Not to mention that the new Kindle Fire takes a slight side step into the world of tablets. This is an obvious migration for Amazon with the recent success of the iPad. There's a big tablet market out there and Amazon wants a piece of it.

The new Kindle family comes in three different options. The most basic model of the group might be the game changer since it comes with a retail price of $79. You won't find a competitor anywhere near the quality of the Kindle for that price. There will be a lot of new Kindle owners with such a low entry price. This can almost qualify as an impulse buy.

The next step up from the basic model is the Kindle Touch. This is probably the best option for the price. The Kindle Touch comes with a retail price of $99. The difference between this model and the $79 version is the ads. The cheaper model is ad-supported. This means there will be advertisements showing up at the bottom of the screen while you are reading your book. It's probably worth the $20 not to have the nuisance of the ads.

The priciest of the three models is the Kindle Touch 3G. This basically ads the ability to use 3G networks. If you aren't within range of a wireless network then 3G allows you to download books anywhere you would get a cell phone reception. This option will depend on the user. If you have regular access to wireless connections then the 3G probably isn't necessary. If you are on the road a lot then it might be something to consider.

Finally there is the new Kindle Fire. This is Amazon's entry into the tablet market. The Fire isn't meant to be a direct competitor to the iPad. The iPad is a much more capable product that is more powerful and has much more advanced software. The Kindle Fire will surf the web, have apps like Facebook and Angry Birds, and more. The main selling point of the Fire is the $199 price tag. This is insanely cheap for a tablet. If all you need is something to surf the web and check in on Facebook then the Fire is a no brainer.