Kindle Touch Vs Nook Simple Touch - And The Winner Is?

kindle touch
Amazon and Barnes and Noble are still going at it, and the battle for the best ebook reader is raging stronger than ever. The Nook Simple Touch was first released this year as a full touch e-Ink ebook reader, and Amazon has finally announced it's Kindle Touch to directly compete. Let's compare the Kindle Touch vs Nook Simple Touch and see if we can declare a winner.

The New Kindle On The Block
Amazon has announced it will release the "Kindle Touch", a touch screen e-Ink ebook reader. This device is similar in many features to the most recent "Kindle With Keyboard". There are similar memory capacities at 3,000 books for the Touch, and 3,500 for the Keyboard version.

Some other similarities include text-to-speech, international coverage, WiFi only and WiFi + 3G versions, and very similar pricing.

The Newest Nook
Barnes and Noble has released it's Nook Simple Touch earlier this year and it is very different from the original 1st Edition Nook.
For one, the newest Nook completely did away with the 1" high color navigation screen. Instead, it's a full touch 6" E Ink screen with buttons on the side for optional use.
There's some notable differences between the original Nook and Nook Simple Touch. The memory on the newest model is at 1,000 books, where the older model was at 1,500. The first edition had 10 days battery life, and the newer version has 2 months. The new Nook doesn't offer a 3G version like the older First Edition.
The Top 5 Differences Between Kindle Touch and Nook Simple Touch
1) Memory- The Kindle allows for 3,000 books whereas the Nook allows for 1,000.
2) 3G Option- Only Amazon's device offers a 3G option.
3) Page Turn Buttons- The Nook has programmable page turn buttons and the Kindle Touch is strictly touch screen.
4) Text-To-Speech- This is a unique feature to the Kindle devices.
5) Library Books- The Nook allows for EPUB file usage and the Kindle has a new "Library Book For Kindle" file offered within public library websites. There are more options available on EPUB, but a large and growing selection of newer and considered "popular" titles are offered for the Kindle on library websites.
Comparing the newest models of Kindle vs Nook, one can see there are many differences. We'll all have to wait and see which device is the hotter hit this holiday season and beyond.
And the Winner Is?