The Kindle Touch Lighted Cover Outshines the Competition

KT slate main lg
Amazon's newest addition to the Kindle family is sure to be a hit with book lovers the world over. Whether reading a classic or browsing for your favorite magazine, the Kindle Touch will not disappoint. With ease of navigation, the beautiful eInk display and a smaller, lighter body, the user experience has only gotten better. But what about keeping your Kindle Touch safe? Not to worry. There is a fine selection of Kindle Touch Lighted Covers to keep it safe and keep you reading late into the night.

It has happened to most of us. While on a road trip you're just getting to that good part of the story when it simply becomes too dark to see the page. Usually we ask to turn on the distracting overhead light. Not anymore! You won't have to bother the driver, or anyone else, because the newest covers for the Kindle Touch have a built-in light. Just flip out the LED on it's rotating arm and keep on going with the latest novel. This cover and integrated light seamlessly protect your Kindle from all sides.

As is the case with so many people, we tend to abuse our things. Looking for a flat place to set your fries on that long trip just put your Kindle in a dangerous situation. But if you have it installed in one of the lighted cases from Amazon, you won't have to worry if some ketchup get's 'misplaced'. Your Kindle is surrounded on all sides by durable leather all nestled into soft microfiber cloth.

There are three common situations we put our books in:
  1. Eating
  2. Lying down
  3. Carrying in a pocket
With the Kindle Touch Lighted Cover you'll never have to worry about these problems. While eating the cover lays flat so you can use an elbow, finger, chin or whatever is handy to turn the page.

The cover flap folds back easily, so holding the Kindle with one hand is a breeze. And the light doesn't stick out on one side or the other. It fits neatly within the 'boundary' of the cover so you can face either direction and use the light, and you won't have to worry about breaking it off.

The cover is versatile and durable. You can simply stuff the Kindle touch into a pocket or purse and never give it another thought. The fine leather, soft microfiber and rigid case will protect it from any bump and scrapes along the way.